Thursday, November 19, 2009

Barry Honowitz Watercolors at Smith Galleries

Smith Galleries is pleased to announce that it now features the largest selection of art by watercolor artist Barry Honowitz either in gallery or online. See a slide show here of pieces currently available.

Barry was a good neighbor of Smith Galleries for several years at The Village at Wexford before he closed his gallery in the spring of 2009.

In 1987 Barry Honowitz moved from Southern California to Hilton Head Island to further his love for watercolor painting. Barry’s work hangs in many corporate as well as private collections throughout the country. Barry is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. His background in design and advertising can be seen in paintings and promotional lithographs. He has more than 35 nationally published watercolors with images ranging from waterfowl to Harbour Town lighthouse on Hilton Head.

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Gallery hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday. 800.272.3870

Monday, November 16, 2009

Elizabeth Garvin Jewelry at Smith Galleries In November

Smith Galleries is featuring a special exhibition of jewelry by Elizabeth Garvin through the month of November.

Click here to see still pictures of the entire exhibition or here to see a slide show.

Elizabeth Garvin graduated with honors from New York University in 1986, earning a bachelor of Arts degree, with further studies at Parsons School of Design and Massachusetts College of Art. Jewelry by Elizabeth Garvin is exhibited internationally in many galleries and museum stores as well as home furnishing and design focus boutiques as an example of contemporary design in wearable art.

Her goal as a designer has been to create forms with classic elegance and enduring quality, while intergrating various techniques and at times parting with tradition as a part of her overall design concept. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in her New York studio from sterling silver. Applying various techniques of patterning and finishing, each piece is playfully graphic, yet sensibly made to be surprisingly affordable. Her approach to designing form, engineering movement and developing techniques often draws as much from architecture and industrial design as from the traditional craft of jewelry making. The result is an approach to design that is at once timely and timeless.

Gallery hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday. Be sure to drop by the gallery or see the show online. 800.272.3870

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pietro Adomo Art is Featured at Smith Galleries.

Smith Galleries is featuring the art of Pietro Adamo as part of a special exhibition at the gallery. See slide show of entire exhibition.

Pictured is a original abstract acrylic painting on paper measuring 12" x 12".

To Pietro Adamo art is ultimately about expression. It is his way of liberating all his ideas and feelings. To realize this expression he has developed the careful and sophisticated language of his paintings.

"I am once again reminded of the delicate balance of all things great and small. Color and texture from nature and simple iconography from my ancestry combine to form the language of my art.
His work is also very much an execution of action."

He loves the charge of creating a piece, working the mediums into unique textures and compositions. Only when the statement is sustained can he step away and leave the painting.
Painting, he says, is very much about the process of discovering problems and then solving them.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Joan Z Horn Jewelry Exhibition at Smith Galleries

Smith Galleries announces a special exhibit on of jewelry by Joan Z Horn. Smith Galleries is recognized as the area's leading source for fine handcrafted jewelry by American studio artists.

Following are a few words written by Joan about her life and work."In my studio I fabricate each piece of jewelry. I create individual elements from Sterling Silver and 14Kt. Gold, using traditional and innovative hand tools. My bench contains tubing jigs that are like old friends. My metal starts out as flat sheet, round, square and flat wire, and tubing. I solder individual elements together using an acetylene/oxygen torch. I enhance pieces with freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones, making color combinations with Garnet, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot, Iolite and Amethyst. My jewelry pieces are studies in line, color and movement.I love working in my studio, and my hands feel most at home when they have a pair of pliers in them. Tools that were never intended for jewelry lead me into whole new directions. I question my auto mechanic about devices he uses. When the plumber comes for household repairs I inspect his tubing cutters and torch tip. A tube wringer from a dental supply catalog inspires new lines of jewelry. I visualize everything in the world as if it were a piece of jewelry. Musical notes from the sheet music in choir become a brooch pattern. Gates in Barcelona become a pendant. Other loves include riding my bike, baking bread, choir and traveling.I was born and raised in New York. I graduated with a BFA in Metalsmithing from Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

See still pictures of the entire show or a slide show.The show runs through August. Smith Galleries is open from 10-6 Monday through Saturday.Join Smith Galleries E-Club, you'll be glad you did! And be sure to ask about the gallery's new Rewards Program the next time you are in the gallery. 800.272.3870

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kara Raymond Jewelry Featured at Smith Galleries.

Kara Raymond uses the unique patterned metal technique called "Mokume Gane" in her jewelry design. The technique was developed in Japan in the 17th century and it was originally developed to create decorative handles on samurai swords.

"Mokume Gane" is made by stacking 16-22 alternating layers of different metals, approximately two inched thick. The stack is clamped between steel plates and placed in a blacksmith's furnace. The careful control of the heat and pressure results in the metal layers fusing to each other.
The stack is hot forged down on an anvil. The unique patterns are developed by carving down through the layers. The sheet is then rolled down thinner to reveal the patterns. The carving and rolling is repeated many times to create the final patterns. The color hues in the metals are the result of varying the heat, oxidation, and patinas.

Drop by Smith Galleries to see Kara's jewelry or see a few pieces we have in the gallery here. Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Victoria Varga Jewelry Exhibition at Smith Galleries

Jewelry by Victoria Varga has been a mainstay at Smith Galleries for many years. The gallery is now featuring a special exhibition of her work from June 1 through July 31, 2009. See slide show or still pictures.

Victoria received her BS in fine arts from Skidmore College in 1984. After completing her graduate studies in metals at Syracuse University she moved to New York City with her husband, Daniel Brouder, where the couple co-founded the studio that bears her name. After fourteen years in Manhattan Daniel and Victoria relocated their studio to the coast of Maine where they continue to hand fabricate jewelry of Victoria’s design. From her early years in New York Victoria has crafted jewelry that combines precious metals with a variety of materials that are often discounted as ordinary.

Victoria has perfected a process of combing sterling silver, 23 karat gold leaf, resin, crushed stone and common artist pigments to create her signature line of jewelry. Instantly recognized for its timeless good looks, Varga jewelry delights both men and woman with its innovative combination of unexpected materials and whimsical design.

Smith Galleries is open from 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday. Call 800.272.3870 for additional information.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smith Galleries Features Art Glass

Smith Galleries is celebrating its 21st anniversary and art glass has always been a main feature of the gallery.

Drop by the gallery today - Tuesday, May 19, 2009 - and receive a 21% savings on any in-stock piece of art glass with a value of $200 or more.
Just mention today's blog when you make your purchase and you will receive your 21% savings. This offer is valid in the gallery only for art glass purchases made Tuesday, May 19, 2009.

Please visit this blog Wednesday morning, May 20 at 8:30 AM to discover Monday's 21st anniversary celebration savings. Gallery hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday.The beautiful "taco bowl" shown is by Christian Thirion and is $625. See more art glass.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Art at Smith Galleries on Hilton Head Island

Smith Galleries is celebrating its 21st anniversary. Art has always been a feature of the gallery. The gallery features fine art by many artists in many different styles.

Smith Galleries is also known as the very best source for picture framing on Hilton Head Island. Picture framing is a speciality of Wally's. Click here to save on framing.

Gallery hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smith Galleries Features Kaleidoscopes

Smith Galleries features one of the finest selections of kaleidoscopes you will ever see. The award winning gallery is located on beautiful Hilton Head Island in the Village at Wexford.

The kaleidoscope shown here is called "Moon Drops" and it is made by Sue Rioux. This is a very special scope. It actually is three scopes in one as it has a two, three, and four mirror system. It stands 8" tall and is $1,035.

Gallery hours are 10-6 (daylight savings time), Monday through Saturday.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Judith Neugebauer Jewelry Exhibition Opens at Smith Galleries

Judith Neugebauer creates stunning pieces of jewelry that are unlike any other jewelry artist you will see. Smith Galleries is featuring a special exhibiton of Ms. Neugebauer's work through June of 2009.

Judith came to jewelry making after studying and performing classical ballet as well as performing in musical theater. Her awareness of form, line, and movement are obvious in the fluid lines of her jewelry. Created in sterling silver with 23k gold leaf, Judith's work has qualities that make it both dramatic and elegant. Using sterling and oxidized sterling in combination with die-formed hollow elements to create visual depth, Judith maintains lightness and movement while creating jewelry with substance. But the real beauty of Judith's jewelry becomes evident as it takes on life on a woman's body. You will definitely want to add several of her pieces to your collection of fine handmade jewelry.

See still pictures of the entire show or a slide show.

Gallery hours are 10-6 Monday through Saturday.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Judith Neugebauer Jewelry at Smith Galleries

Smith Galleries features the largest selection of contemporary American made designer jewelry most people will ever see. Judith Neugebauer is one of the leading designers featured at Smith Galleries.
Judith writes, "a previous career in classical ballet and theater instilled within me a deep awareness and appreciation for movement, line and balance. These are the classical qualities I have always tried to incorporate into my jewelry designs ... and in my life."
Her jewelry is crafted in sterling silver with 23K gold leaf overlay and combined with pearls and other stones.
Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday. Be sure to join our E-Club.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Philippa Roberts Jewelry at Smith Galleries

Smith Galleries will be hosting an exhibition of jewelry by Phillipa Roberts beginning May 10. Phillipa is a long time favorite at Smith Galleries. Her jewelry is simply beautiful and classically romantic, Philippa Roberts jewelry makes a woman feel purely feminine.

Phillipa uses silver as her main medium, creating necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that can be worn formally or informally. Shown at left is a bracelet and earrings crafted in silver and brown Mother of Pearl.

You may view a slide show or still pictures of a few of her pieces.

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Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ed Levin Jewelry Exhibition Opens Today

An exhibition from Ed Levin Jewelry opens today at Smith Galleries.

Click here to see still pictures of the pieces in the exhibition and here to see a slide show. Shown is a pin in 14K and sterling silver.

Since 1950, Ed Levin Jewelry has been handcrafting the finest designer jewelry. Working with gold, sterling silver and platinum, the skilled craftspeople design eye-catching pieces of flawless beauty. Each earring, bracelet, necklace, etc. is formed, tapered and polished by hand ensuring the highest level of luxury. They hand select all the gems from pearls to diamonds to amethysts featured in their exquisite gemstone jewelry designs. As a final assurance to you that you're getting high quality designer jewelry, a lifetime guarantee is given on all Ed Levin jewelry.

Smith Galleries is located in the Village at Wexford on beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Gallery hours are 10 - 6 Monday through Saturday. Give us a ring at 843.842.2280.

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